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Precision Current Limiter

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Electron PCL is a microprocessor based self-resetting current limiter for controlling load drawn by individual consumers. It connects sequentially. Whenever it detects continuous overcurrent, it disconnects supply for 10 seconds, and then, automatically resumes power. It repeats tripping until load is reduced to a value within set amperes.
Software can be custom-made to increase penalty outage time from 10 seconds to 60/180/300/600 seconds or to even lock out supply until manually reset.
It provides an instantaneous LED indication of overcurrent prior to tripping.
Toroidal Current Transformer and a 30 ampere AgCdO contact have been used for energy efficient operation.
A wide range of single-phase and three-phase models are available. Din-rail mounted polycarbonate housing reduces panel size significantly. It automatically adds the loads on three phases and allows unbalanced load up to specified load limits. Three phase input can be given at the three terminals with the option of using surplus allotment of any phase on any other phase.

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