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OLP3 Air-Conditioner Starter

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The OLP3 is a highly advanced, microprocessor controlled starter used for ACs and other compressor loads. The time-tested combination of Voltcheck, Ampcheck and Timecheck ensures safe operation and long life of AC Compressors.


Voltcheck - OLP3 monitors the supply voltage, and if an unsafe voltage (outside the set range of 155-270V) is detected, it disconnects the load, ensuring that the compressor is protected against on-load restarting.

Ampcheck - By monitoring the current drawn by the load and disconnecting it if a set average is exceeded, OLP3 actively provides protection against the risks associated with rotor locking and excessively long start-up time.

Timecheck - OLP3 intelligently detects whether the compressor is on or not. For optimum operation during restarting, the output contact is held open for 3 minutes from last compressor operation. After this time, the output relay closes once the voltage returns to within safe limits.

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OLP3 range of air-conditioner starters.




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