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  • The Electron ACCL is a fully automatic, high precision system installed in apartments, residential complexes, commercial buildings etc. It has the following functions:
    • The ACCL allows unrestricted supply from mains.
    • When the main supply fails and stand by Generator supply is on, it connects the DG power to each consumer in sequence & starts monitoring its load.
    • The generator current allotment is software calibrated in Amps & sealed in each ACCL as per buyer's specification & is available on all load circuits.
    • When ever the load current exceeds the allotment, power is automatically switched off for 8/10/12 seconds, and then automatically restored.


    Benefits and Specifications:
    • Available in Single Phase and 3 Phase configurations.
    • Microprocessor based fully automated system to replace outdated manual systems.
    • No separate wiring required.
    • Assured availability of allotted current - no less, no more. Ensures equitable rationing of generator power.
    • DIN channel mountable enclosures save space and make installation hassle-free.
    • LED indication of operational states.
    • Factory set and sealed calibration ensures that allotted limits cannot be tampered with.
    • Single phase ACCL comes in TP MCB size (54mm).
    • Tested at National Test House.


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