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Look-up table to help you select a suitable ACCL for your requirements:

Typical schematic diagram of metering panel with ACCL unit:

• Typical tripping time : 10 seconds at 20% overload. 4 seconds at 100% overload
• Self resetting time : 6-12 seconds
• Initial delay : Program is inbuilt to connect all the consumers to generator in a sequence between 6 to 20 seconds after start up, distributed on the three phases.

While selecting, please check the following:
• Total connected load – irrespective of simultaneous operation or not and nature of load viz, lighting only or lighting plus power, any poly-phase load, priority for energisation etc.
• Generator load limit to be set in 'Amperes'. For three phase models, this allotment can be made available as a sum total (single-phase input) or be divided and limited on each phase (three-phase input).
• The Circuit breaker monitors load current only, ignoring power factor. Hence there may be an apparent discrepancy in equating amperes with watts especially at low power factor.
• Model M304 is suitable only for lighting loads and is not recommended for air conditioning load.

While installing:
• It is advisable to connect the ELCB, if any, at the load outgoing side of a changeover (ACCL).
• It is also advisable to provide closer protection of MCBs at the incoming side of ACCL ( on both EB / DG side ) to have protection from over load and short circuit.

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